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Transaction feesFees and Charges (HKD)
Brokerage CommissionCommission rate charged on transaction amount is stated on your statements
(Min : $100.00 per transaction)
Stamp Duty0.1% of the transaction amount (round up dollar)
Transaction Levy0.0027% of transaction amount
Trading Fee0.00565% of transaction amount
CCASS Fee0.01% of the transaction amount (Minimum charge: $3.00)
Financial Reporting Council (FRC)
Transaction Levy
0.00015% on transaction amount ( Effective from January 1, 2022)
OthersFees and Charges (HKD)
Stock Transfers
Settlement Instruction Deposit (S.I.)Waived
Settlement Instruction Withdrawal (S.I.)0.25% of market value of the previous trading date plus $100.00 per stock
Investor Settlement Instructions (ISI)$100.00 per stock (Free of charge for stock deposit)
Physical stock deposit$5.00 per transfer deed
Physical stock withdrawal$5.00 per board lot plus $100.00 per instruction
Nominee Service & Corporate Actions
Collection of dividends / Bond interest fee0.12% of the dividend value/ Bond coupon interest (Minimum $50.00), $1.50 per board lot (For first registration with CCASS)
Collection of Bonus Shares / Warrants/ Rights$50.00 per transaction, $1.50 per board lot (For first registration with CCASS)
Dividend or Bonus Shares Claim0.12% of the dividend value (Minimum $50.00) and $500.00 service charge
Exercise rights or warrants$100.00 handling fee
Book close fee$1.50 per board lot (Round up to the nearest board lot)
Nominee Service & Corporate Actions$100.00 per transaction
Tendering shares under takeover or privatization$100.00 per transaction
Shares Consolidation / Subdivision$50.00 per transaction
Redemption of Debt Securities$100.00 per transaction
Other Services
IPO subscription:$100.00 per transaction
Telegraphic Transfer(TT)$150.00-$500.00
Statements retrievalFree (Within 3 month), $100.00 each statement (Over 3 month)
Postal Statement ServiceNot Provided
Penalty for late settlement transactionInterest charge at Hong Kong Dollar Prime Rate of China Construction Bank (Asia) + 8% on total late settlement amount
CIES Annual Return Fee$5,000 annually

Remark :
*1. The information contained herein is subject to change without prior notice.
*2. The rates and fees indicated herein are for securities traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for your reference only. Please refer to your daily and monthly activity statement for the actual fees and charges applicable to your account(s).

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